list of tested soundproofing fitting methods

Echosorb souundproofing Application Details

CUTTING - The panels are easily cut to size with a sharp utility knife. Light fittings and other services are simply cut around. This avoids the necessity of unnecessary removal and refitting. Clean cotton gloves should be worn when handling the tiles to avoid soiling.

Echosorption is simply stuck onto walls and ceilings with our appropriate adhesive. We recommend that adhesive is stored and applied at normal room temperatures when at all possible. Before application of the panels, ensure there are no holes or splits in the aluminium foil backing. If any are found, seal them before applying any adhesive.

Attention must be drawn to ensure there is no cold bridging on the substrate and that it is a 'warm' surface. Any cold bridging that can encourage damp may affect the cohesian of the product.

Due to climatic conditions, dimensional tolerance may vary by +/- 4mm. To minimise this, store the panels for 48 hours in the area they are to be used at normal room temperature before installation.

RECYCLING - The melamine foam resin can be recycled and is used once again in industrial soundproofing in acoustic panels. It requires no special waste disposal treatment and is free of synthetic and natural mineral fibre, halogens and CFC's.