Home Soundproofing

Sound proofing in the home can be a very important factor in quality of life although new guide lines are now part of building law and regulations many people want to create soundproofing that far outperforms those required by law.

Sound Insulation Tests to BS2750 (ISO140) and BS5821 (ISO717)for Floors, Ceilings and Walls
Sound insulation testing is a mainstay of our business and a logical place to start where noise nuisance in domestic situations is an issue. We carry all the necessary test equipment and are currently involved in the House Builders Federation Robust Standard Detail process for the improvement of sound insulation in residential dwellings.

Sound Insulation Risk Assessment Audits with regard to Conversion and Refurbishment Programmes
This service applies particularly to stock transfers which are becoming a big feature of the RSL market. We have recently been developing a bespoke service for potential developers to assess the sound insulation requirements of conversion property prior to purchase. This is so the cost implications can be assessed before the building/property is bought and account can be made on the price offered. This minimises the “Risk” in taking on the development blind.

Advice on Building Regulation Guidelines with Reference to Noise (Approved Document E)

With the recent proposed changes to the building regulations and in particular Approved Document E, acoustics is a hot topic, especially sound insulation and the extension of scope to which sound insulation criteria now apply. We can advise on the sound insulation requirements in residential, hotel, hostel, student accommodation schemes as well as schools, hospitals and commercial property.

Noise Nuisance Investigations to BS4142

We make regular use of this standard and have represented numerous clients affected by noise. We have also worked with noise emitters and provided noise mitigation and noise control solutions to satisfy Local Authority noise criteria.

Vibration Nuisance Investigations to BS6472

We carry instrumentation which measures true VDV levels and also have access to software which will calculate the true VDV from waveform events (such as individual Trains) and allows a in depth study of the vibration of a source and the frequency content together with the individual vibration dosage value. We follow the Association of Noise Consultants guidelines in the measurement and assessment of vibration.

Advice on Planning Conditions with Regard to Noise e.g. PPG24

Planning conditions with regard to acoustics to representation at Planning Appeals and Public Inquiries.

Building Envelope Sound Insulation Tests & Design

We are currently working on systems to enable self testing of environmental noise conditions