noise from outside your building can can be a problem and cause stress and reduce quality of life. Main problems that we deal with are

Curing these problems can take alot of work and analysis has to be made of the of factors such as


Internal noise is most often caused by poor sound damping within a room causing reflection of sound energy. This will give echo or reverberation of sounds within the room and may make the room unpleasant to concenrate and work in and may make speech less inteligeable. Reverberation can be lessened by adding acoustic screens or absorbtion material to the walls and ceilings.

Preventing escape of noise

In some circumstances there may be just a single point of noise production that can be enclosed to prevent noise escaping to other areas. Here and acoustic enclosure should be used. Desgin is fairly simple you must create a plywood box to surround the area with sufficient space to also accomodate damping and absorbtion materials.

low frequency noise

Low frequency noise is the hardest to reduce as it tends to have more energy so damping is less effective high density materials must be used.


Impact noise is generally of a lower frequency and should be treated as low frequency noise using high density materials and energy diffusion by spreading the energy over a larger decoupled floating area