Wall soundproofing systems

sound control wall soundproofing control wall
  1. 1/4 in. gap at corners and ceiling filled with acoustic caulking
  2. SSP metal tape over seams of sound board
  3. sound board joints pasted with caulk
  4. wall studs
  5. stagger joints so as not to be aligned
  6. 1/4" closed cell acoustic foam mat (cemented to soundboard back)
  7. sound deadening board
  8. Mass loaded vinyl stapled to sound deadeding board
  9. 5/8" gypsum plaster board
  10. padding tape on all channels
  11. 2" vibration pads
  12. Floor gap filled with caulk
  13. Drywall screws (must not penetrate studs)
  14. RC-1 channel (4 places) or sound clips
interleaving of 1/4" gaps at corners
15. tape
16. caulk
The standard wall soundproofing system is shown above.

There are a number of variations depending on the level of sound reduction required and the types of materials available

soundproofing rc1 wall