Acentech - Consultants in architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and audiovisual and sound system design.
Artec Consultants - New York based company providing interdisciplinary consulting services for buildings housing the performing arts.
Acoustics, Audio/Visual & Telecom Consultants - A firm with a staff of over 40 based in San Francisco that provides consulting in: architectural acoustics, audio/visual & telecom design, engineering acoustics, environmental acoustics, forensic acoustics, expert testimony and airport noise reduction.
Mc Squared System Design Group, Inc. - Consulting firm providing sound system design, audio/video presentation system design and acoustical design services .
Kirkegaard & Associates - Consultants in architectural acoustics,audio/video systems and mechanical noise isolation. Specializing in performing arts spaces, concert halls, churches and universities.
The Talaske Group, inc - Consultants in Acoustics, Audio, and Video Design
HGC Engineering - Consultants specializing in noise control, vibration isolation, acoustics. Deals with architectural acoustics and new product design.
Stewart Acoustical Consultants - Provides architectural and building acoustical consulting services primarily in North Carolina and adjacent states.
Sextant Group, The - Offer architectural acoustic services, security surveillance systems & audio visual consulting (AV). Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Washington DC & Phoenix, AZ
Navcon Engineering Network - Provides noise & vibration consulting services, and distributes noise & vibratoin software.
Mei Wu Acoustics - California firm working in acoustics, noise, and vibration.
Viacoustics - A consortium of four companies that provide consulting services and products. Includes profile, professional services, products and contacts.
Wilson, Ihrig & Associates, Inc. - California firm offering professional services associated with acoustics, noise and vibration control in the construction industry, as well as forensics. Includes projects, profile, services and contacts
Ostergaard Acoustical Associates - Acoustical services for architecture, environment, litigation, noise control, and vibration control.
Acoustic Associates, Ltd. - A consulting firm in Palatine, Illinois specializing in audiometric testing, room acoustics, sound assessment,noise control, hearing conservation, and audiology.
Acoustic Dimensions - Provides a coordinated approach that includes room shaping, acoustics, audio, video and lighting design.
Commins Acoustics - Acousticians of concert halls, opera houses and theaters.
Walters-Storyk Design Group - International architectural and acoustic design firm specializing in professional audio and video production, multimedia, broadcast and performance facilities. Includes profile, portfolio, services, news, resources and contacts.
Kinetics Noise Control - Acoustical Consultants - Acoustical Consultants Directory for the United States and other countries. Provides phone and email for various consultants.
Pelton Marsh Kinsella - Dallas based consultants in acoustics, theatre, television and audio/visual design.
Marshall Day Acoustics - Acoustics and noise engineering consulting firm that provides acoustical, environmental noise, and noise control design services, including concert hall and auditorium design, environmental noise assessments, and building services and industrial noise control.
David L. Adams Associates, Inc. - Architectural, multi-media and environmental acoustical consultants provide projects, profile, contacts and facts. Offices in Denver and Kailua, Hawaii.
Polysonics Corporation - Delaware firm providing consulting services for acoustics, vibration, audio-visual systems, and telecommunications. Includes projects, resource library, profile and contacts.
Acoustical Design Group, Inc - Consultants in acoustics, sound and video system design, provides services emphasizing practical, aesthetic, and innovative solutions.
Renzo Tonin & Associates Pty Ltd - Specialising in building acoustics, environmental acoustics, workplace acoustics and legal services.
Coffeen Fricke and Associates, Inc. - Acoustical consulting services provide sound reinforcement design, noise analysis, and architectural acoustics.
Allied Acoustics - Group within Allied Environmental Consultants Ltd (Hong Kong) offering consultancy services in acoustics, noise, vibration and audio visual design.
Pollution Control Consultancy and Design - Australian based acoustical consulting firm that provides a comprehensive range of services in environmental and occupational noise measurement, assessment and control.
Sound Scene Acoustics - Design and consulting, architectural acoustics, noise control, and audio-visual systems, in the USA and Southeast Asia. Clients range from churches to rock opera houses.
Acoustilog, Inc - New York firm providing acoustical measurement, consultations, expert witness testimony, soundproofing design and troubleshooting services.
Cerami & Associates - Experienced in the full range of acoustical engineering, audio-visual design services, vibration control, and seismic design.
Orpheus Acoustics - Acoustical consultants specializing in architectural acoustics including noise and vibration control for auditoriums, churches, synagogues, and other critical listening spaces.
Martin Newson & Associates - Acoustical consulting services including architectural acoustics, building services, noise and vibration control, environmental acoustics and troubleshooting.
Engineering Dynamics International - Missouri consultants in architectural acoustics, noise, HVAC vibration control, sound testing, audio and video systems, and performance lighting. Specializing in churches, schools, offices, theaters and auditoriums.
Kamperman Associates Inc. - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Acoustical consulting services in the area of noise and vibration control - serving Business, Industry, and Governments. Building noise and vibration control, environmental/industrial noise control.
Sandy Brown Associates - Consultants in acoustics, noise and vibration, audio-visual systems, theatre and conference venues, and specialist architecture.
RMP Acoustics - UK firm specialising in acoustic design, building services noise, sound insulation, planning and research and development of acoustic building products.
Recording Architecture - Offers services related to architectural, acoustic and interior design of buildings and spaces specifically related to sound .
White Mark Ltd. - Acoustic and technical designers of pre and post production studios for the audio, video and broadcast industries.
Harris Grant Associates - International acoustic & technical systems designers. UK based, designers of recording studios, cinemas, theatres, public buildings, home theatres...
ATCO Noise Management - Canadian acoustics consultants and engineering company providing services for industrial noise reduction, noise management assemblies, acoustic enclosures and a range of silencing products. Includes services, projects, and contacts.
Peter Lloyd and Associates - Northern Ireland based consultants in noise control, vibration and acoustics.
Richard Oliver Productions and Design - Worldwide acoustical recording studio design and construction. Installation, acoustics and wiring specialists. Audio/video consulting and engineering.
Hepworth Acoustics - UK firm providing consultancy services to industries where acoustics and noise is an issue. Includes list of service, acoustical software, profile and contacts
XL Acoustics - A UK based acoustic design,consultation and building service specialising in recording studios and the associated industries.
Ingemansson - Swedish firm addressing architectural, environmental, industrial and automotive acoustic design solutions. Includes descriptions, portfolio, publications and contacts.
Landmark Sound Labs - Offer professional and consumer electro-acoustic engineering services for laboratory and field acoustic testing, audio product research and development, acoustic design and testing of audio spaces.
Euronoisecontrol - G.E.I.E. - European consortium of noise control product vendors and consultants addressing industrial and environmental acoustics. Includes brief description and links to member firms.
Acoustic Expertise - Illinois firm offering acoustic design, noise control, audio system integration services and performing arts facilities. Includes services, profile and client list and contacts.
Jordan Akustik - Denmark firm provides portfolio, contacts and profile. Working worldwide with room acoustics in concert Halls, operas and theatres.
Lester Acoustics Group - Minnesota company offering studio design, sound isolation solutions, and renovation of existing studios. Includes profile, services, portfolio and contacts. - Massachusetts firm offering sound and vibration measurement and consulting services for environmental, municipal, engineering and architectural applications.
Marshall Long Acoustics - Providing architectural acoustics and audio visual design services for theaters, auditoria, concert halls, sound studios, religious structures, and general construction. Capabilities include noise and vibration control, computer modelling, and other technical areas related to acoustics.
The Top In Sound, Inc. - Providing consulting and design services in acoustics, sound systems and audio-visual-video systems for performance and assembly facilities including theatres, concert halls, churches, schools and art centers.
Aircraft Noise Management Consultant - Montreal consultant providing noise management service for the aiports and aviation sector. Includes services descriptions and contact information.
A.D.S.Ltd - Acoustic, noise and vibration consultants.
Encore Design Group - Providing consulting and design services in acoustics, sound systems, lighting systems, and rigging systems for performance and assembly facilities including theatres, concert halls, churches, museums and art centers.
VIVA Consulting - Specializes in acoustic studies, testing emissions and environmental vibration caused by transport modes and industries(Italy).
Avl Designs Consultants For Acoustical, Sound, Lighting, Stage Rigging And Video - Design firm specializing in acoustics, sound system design, theatrical lighting and rigging, and industrial noise control.
Studio Electronics - California firm focused on design and installation of audio recording studios, including repairs. Includes project descriptions, profile and contact information.
Theer & Associates - Acoustic consultants specializing in architectural acoustics with an emphasis on electro-acoustics. The firm was established to provide consulting services to architects, owners, and contractors.
RSA Acoustics - Australian firm offering design of noise reduction equipment, noise impact assessments and certifications of compliance. Includes profile, services, portfolio, client list and contacts.
Addiscombe Acoustics Limited - UK firm specialising in environmental, transportation, construction, petrochemical, offshore, expert witness and occupational exposure assessment. Includes service and markets served and contacts.
ACIA Engineering Acoustics - UK consultants providing design and measurement services in industrial noise, building design, and planning. Monitor Acoustics - Performing specification, design, manufacture and installation of attenuators/silencers for ductwork, acoustic enclosures for machinery and acoustics.
Cedrick Frank Associates - Texas company offering design solutions for acoustics, sound, and audio-visual-video systems. Includes service, projects, profile and contacts.
Medlin and Associates Acoustical Consultants - Provide innovative acoustical designs, measurements and building treatment recommendations
Sound Acoustic Management - Noise Consultancy based in Northern Ireland providing assessment and Noise Control.
Acoustic Emission Testing, Inc. - Provides onsite acoustic emissions testing and inspection.
Robert A. Hansen Associates - Consultants in acoustics and audio video systems design. Based in New York, New York.
Sonic Element - Specializing in the acoustic design of recording studios, auditoriums and buildings for performing arts.