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Acoustux™ quiet board soundproof board


Acoustux™ Quiet Board is a revolutionary, waterproof, cement impregnated acoustic floor panel designed to improve both the impact and airborne noise transfer through separating floors. Acoustux™ Quiet Board installed on top of Acousticel R10 resilient insulation provides a very efficient and stable floating floor. Cement impregnated chipboard is now specified in the Approved Document E as the best material for this application. It is quick to install and is easily cut to size.

QuietBoard Acoustic Flooring is constructed from two well established building materials - wood and cement. QuietBoard is a very dense product, light grey in colour and both faces have a hard smooth flat surface.

Noise reduction Applications

General Physical Data

Description 		Tongued & Grooved Acoustic Floor Panel
Composition		Cement Impregnated Chipboard
Nominal Thicknesses	12mm (square edged) 19mm (tongued and grooved)
Mass			Min. 1359kg/m3
			(16kg/m2 12mm QuietBoard 2440 x 1220mm)
			(25kg/m2 19mm t&g QuietBoard 1200 x 600mm)
Flammability		Class 'O'

Key Soundproofing Benefits

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Noise reduction Fitting Instructions and applications

This product is used in conjunction with Dampalay™ S20 acoustic underlay please see here