Echostick™ Sprayable Soundproofing contact Adhesive

Echostick™ Soundproofing Spray adhesives

Echostick™ sprayable soundproofing glue

Soundproofing Sprayable Contact Adhesive
To stick any of the above with a foam base, we can supply Stick2, a sprayable glue which bonds most of our products. The adhesive is suitable for internal and external use giving excellent adhesion Echostick™ SOUNDPROOFING SPRAYABLE ADHESIVE Contact Adhesive(Enough for 3 tiles) 500ml can

This Echostick™ Spray Adhesive is ideal for sticking SBM5 to walls and ceilings when required.
Echostick™ spray adhesive for vibration damping

General Description

Echostick™ is a soundproofing spray adhesive composed of a unique high efficiency polyvinyl acetate emulsion with mineral fillers.


Echostick™ vibration soundproofing damping adhesive is a sprayable and fileable material which dramatically reduces noise levels produced by resonance in sheet metal. It is recommended for new construction metal enclosures of all types, cabinets, chutes, lift doors, vehicles and any other panels prone to resonate.

Noise reduction applications

Echostick™ Spray adhesive PROPERTIES

General Physical Data  
Colour				Buff 
Supply Form			400ml spray can 
Solvent				Water
Density				1300kg/m³
Viscosity			High thixotropic
Thermal Conductivity		0.3 w/m oC
	BS476 Class 1		For 1.6kg/m² on 1.2mm steel
Shelf Life			Approx. 6 months in unused condition stored in dry 
				space at room temperature. Protect from frost.

Key Soundproofing Benefits

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