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Echotex ™ Sound absorption materials control airborne noise by reducing the reflection of sound from boundary surfaces thus reducing the overall noise levels. The complete range of our sound absorption materials include the following:

General Description

The absorption element of acoustic foam and foam pad is provided by a special grade of polyurethane foam produced to an exacting structural specification. The vibration damping sheet of foam pad is provided by a laminated backing of damping sheet type SD1

Echotex ™ acoustic foam



Applications for Echotex ™ acoustic foam and foam pad are found in a wide variety of noise control treatments such as machinery enclosures, plant machinery and cabs, office equipment and domestic appliances. Acoustic foam is normally employed as an internal lining to machinery guards or enclosures. Foam pad is used when additional vibration damping is required to reduce noise produced by resonant vibration of metal panels.

  1. Foam Pad - composit products that consist of acoustic foam laminated to vibration damping sheets.
  2. Film Faced Absorbers - a range of oil and waterproof noise absorbers
  3. Trim Foams - provided with decorative vinyl facings
  4. Acoustic Foam - a range of sheet foams produced to two different flame retardent specifications.
All supplied self-adhesive if required

SAM foam base damper

Acoustic Foam and Foam Pads Echotex ™ SA12, SA25, SA12SA, SA25SA

Echotex ™ ACOUSTIC FOAMS - Self-extinguishing technical data

General Physical Data

Colour:					Dark Grey
Supply Form:				Available in uncut sheets either plain or self-adhesive
Sheet Size				1500 x 1000mm
Piece Density				27-30 kg/m3
Tensile Strength			100 kn/m2
	FMVSS 302			Self-Extinguishing
	BS4735 (1971)			Self-Extinguishing
	ASTM D1692			Self-Extinguishing

Sound Absorption Performance

sound acoustic foam

Key Soundproofing Benefits

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