Sonofleece™ soundproofing material

For effective reduction of airborne noise through floors!


The density of Sonofleece™ Soundproofing Acoustic Mineral Wool is more than twice that of normal loft insulation and so is very efficient at absorbing noise. Acoustic Mineral Wool (Sonofleece™) is used extensively in buildings and throughout industry to give acoustic, thermal and fire insulation. It is particularly useful as a sound absorbing infill for the reduction of airborne noise between flooring joists, suspended ceilings, studwall partitioning and with our Acoustibar™ Resilient Bars.

General Soundproofing Description

Soundproofing Sonofleece™ consists mainly of silicon oxide together with a number of other metallic oxides. It is non-flammable, chemically inert and is not adversely affected by any substance it may come into contact with. Random arrangement of fibres ensures no water penetration in any direction. It is rot-proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, moulds or bacteria. It will not react with wired plastic or metal wall ties, brickwork or masonry.

Noise reduction applications

Product Range

Sonofleece™ 50 50mm thick Acoustic Mineral Wool 1200 x 600mm
Sonofleece™ 75 75mm thick Acoustic Mineral Wool 1200 x 600mm
Sonofleece™100 100mm thick Acoustic Mineral Wool 1200 x 600mm

General Physical Data

Flammability BS476 Part 4 (1970)	Non-combustible
Building Regulations			Class O
					In some situations, there is a requirement for 
					party/compartment floors to  achieve a one hour fire 
					rating.  If Sonofleece™100 is supported by 25mm chicken wire 
					mesh stapled to joist sides, the insulation will provide
					a one hour fire rating.

Acoustic Performance			Sonofleece™ soundproofing acoustic mineral wool typically provides a reduction in reverberant noise 
					levels of up to 10dB when fitted under roof constructions
Sound Absorption coefficients		The graph below shows typical sound reduction obtainable under test conditions
Slab Size:				approx. 1200mm x 600mm  
Thickesses:approx.			50mm, 75mm and 100mm  
		50mm:			3.25Kg/m        
		75mm:			4.75Kg/m      
		100mm:			6.25Kg/m  
Density:				60Kg/m  
Thermal Conductivity:			0.033W/mK

Sonofleece™ soundproofing characteristics graph
__ 100mm
__ 75mm
__ 50mm

Key Soundproofing Benefits

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Sonofleece™ soundproofing installation and usage

Cut to size and use for infill of cavities and voids in constructions. Sonofleece™ is used in many of our standard soundproofing installation systems.