New Document E guidelines available at our site

We have made available our interpretation of the governments document E guidelines Document E guidelines

New powers in Queen’s speech

New noise powers have been proposed in last months Queen’s Speech.
A new Clean neighbourhoods and environment bill will give councils more flexibility to tackle antisocial behaviour, allowing councils to issue on-the-spot fines for litter, fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles, flyposting and night-time noise nuisance and light pollution. The bill can be viewed on www.publications.

Economists value effect of noise in Birmingham

A new report has once again tried to value noise impacts in cash terms.
Models reveal that a 1dB increase in road noise reduces property prices by between 0.21% and 0.53%. Rail noise estimates are larger – a 1dB increase in rail noise will reduce property prices by 0.67%.

Three councils rapped

Three Ombudsman’s decisions have criticised councils for failing to tackle noise nuisance.and improve soundproofing levels

Noise in NI

Noise disturbance in Northern Ireland is set out in new report.
A Department of Environment Environment and Heritage Service report says there were 8,397 noise complaints made to district councils in 2003/04. The report can be viewed on

European court upholds quiet rights

A European Court judgement suggests that authorities have a duty to relieve noisy conditions for sufferers. It may also impact UK authorities keen to develop zones that allow clusters of all-night drinking and clubbing.

Resident challenges flightpaths

A Suffolk resident has challenged the Civil Aviation Authority for changing flightpath routings.

NSCA calls for longer night

The National Society for Clean Air has called for the designation of the ‘night’ period for aircraft movements to be 23.00 – 0700, in line with other areas of noise policy.

Noise labelling mooted in new homes

A new report suggests noise labelling of homes in a bid to give warnings on how noisy a house may be. The Quiet Homes for London report can be viewed on Building for peace and quiet
The GLA has set out ways by which buildings and public spaces can be designed to cut noise and improve sound quality.
The factsheets can be viewed on

In Parliament
Defra ministers have been questioned in Parliament on Defra's lack of progress towards meeting the environmental noise directive.

Government announcements

The government has announced proposals for tough new rules requiring builders to test new properties and conversions to ensure they are adequately insulated against sound. soundproofing test standards are outlined in the building regulations.

For new hostel and hotel types of accommodation, and houses, flats, hostel and hotel accommodation formed by conversion of other types of building, the requirement will come into force on 1 July 2003. For new houses and flats only, it will come into force on 1 January 2004.

soundproofing sector fastest growth in building products

soundproofing product sales have seen a large growth due to the new government regulations in section E.