Soundproofing Adhesives & Fixings

Fixtures and Sundries



Soundproofing Screws 25mm 25mm Drywall Self-tapping 12.25/box 1000
Soundproofing Screws 32mm 32mm Drywall Self-tapping 14.70/box 1000
Soundproofing Screws 38mm 38mm Drywall Self-tapping 17.64/box 1000
Soundproofing Screws 42mm 42mm Drywall Self-tapping 9.80/box 500

Soundproofing Spray adhesives

sprayable soundproofing glue

Soundproofing Sprayable Contact Adhesive
To stick any of the above with a foam base, we can supply Stick2, a sprayable glue which bonds most of our products. The adhesive is suitable for internal and external use giving excellent adhesion SOUNDPROOFING SPRAYABLE ADHESIVE Contact Adhesive(Enough for 3 tiles) 500ml can 4.50+VAT

This Sta'Put Spray Adhesive is ideal for sticking SBM5 to walls and ceilings when required.
spray adhesive for vibration damping

Adhesive pastes

ADHESIVE Soundproofing Panel Adhesive(Enough for 3 panels) 300ml cartridge 2.99+VAT

ADHESIVE for applying M20AD and plasterboard Cartridge 350ml 2.50/cartridge (A total of 3 tubes per panel ordered is required for bonding insulation and 2 layers of plasterboard)

Soundproofing Sealants

acoustic caulking sealant

ACOUSTIC EDGE SEALANT Flexible Sealant for sealing the edges of the Soundproofing plasterboard Cartridge 300ml 2.99/cartridge (Each cartridge will treat approximately 10 linear metres with a continuous 8mm bead)