Flexible acoustic coupling soundproofing systems product details




Vibration damping sound insulation is used to reduce noise levels produced by resonant vibrations of structures which are caused by either continuous or impulsive excitation. Damping materials are particularly useful in the case of structures containing light gauge metal or panels. Examples of some of the many applications of vibration damping materials can be found in vehicles, machinery, machine enclosures, materials handling systems and lifts, computer cases, domestic applications and hoppers.


SD1SA self-adhesive damping sheets provide a simple method of achieving dramatic control of panel vibration and its associated noise. They are easily hand or die cut to size and are normally used on steel panels but are also effective on any other smooth surfaced panel. However, if the damping sheet is likely to be exposed to high humidities, it should be sealed with at least two coats of bituminous paint with particular attention paid to the edges. Particularly effective when applied to the inside of computer cases.

General Description

Vibration damping sheet is a unique material whose efficiency is derived from the use of carefully formulated polymer together with mineral loaded additives. It is, therefore, ideal for use in all situations which require maximum effectiveness with minimum weight.



SVDC1 vibration damping compound is a sprayable or trowelable and fileable material which dramatically reduces noise levels produced by resonance in sheet metal. Applied in the same thickness as the substrate, it substantially improves the damping characteristics of the structure, thereby reducing vibration and preventing the radiation of noise. It is recommended for new construction metal enclosures of all types, cabinets, chutes, lift doors, vehicles and any other panels prone to resonate.

General Description

SVDC1 is a water based putty-like paste composed of a unique high efficiency polyvinyl acetate emulsion with mineral fillers.