Foamsorption Acoustic Soundproofing Tiles

fs foamsorption noise reduction foam


Foamsorption are extremely lightweight sound absorbing tiles made from high technology soft sound absorbing foam material on a melamine resin base.  White in colour they are designed to be bonded onto existing or new ceilings and high level wall surfaces, have virtually no weight and are very simple to fix.  Foamsorption tiles are fibre and CFC free as well as having excellent fire resistant ratings.  These tiles are used with great success in applications such as studios, offices, community and multi-purpose halls, cinemas, classrooms and shooting ranges etc.

Noise control Applications

Due to its greater surface absorption are allied with its low weight and Class 'O' fire resistance rating, Foamsorption tiles can be used safely in virtually any building.
foam damping installationfoam damping installation

Acoustics  The special open face pattern is the main reason why Foamsorption tiles outperform other acoustic tiles.  This leads to higher sound absorption in a building resulting in greater sound reduction.

General Physical Data
Weight               :  nom. 11kg/m3
Dimensions           :  1250 x 625 x 35mm
Colour               :  White
Fire Rating          :    
BS476 Part 7         :  Class 1
BS476 Part 6         :  Class 0
Acoustic Performance :  See Below

 Sound Absorption 

Frequency (Hz)    125    250     500       1k      2k         4k 
35mm              0.08   0.21    0.45      0.71    0.82       0.91 

Noise reduction applications

Key Soundproofing Benefits

Fitting Instructions