m20ad vertical sheet soundproofing illustration m20ad flat matting soundproofing illustration

ACOUSTICEL M20AD Soundproofing insulation

m20ad soundproofing material

Produced from recycled rubber for effective sound insulation of airborne noise through party walls


This soundproofing for wall insulation is designed to absorb and reduce the amount of airborne noise which penetrates poorly insulated party walls. Easy to fit, this 20mm thick insulation is simply glued to the existing wall with two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard bonded on top and is an easy solution if you have a noisy neighbor.

The Insulated wall shown in the detail on the right of this page had a sound insulation value of 48dB DnT,W+Ctr which is over a 300% improvement and complies with the requirements of the Approved Document E 2003

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noise reduction applications

Key Soundproofing Benefits

General Physical Data

Color			Black 
Size			1m x 1m
Form			Panels
	M10-AD		700 Kg/m
	M20-AD		700 Kg/m
	M10-AD		7.5 Kg/m
	M20-AD		15 Kg/m
Nominal Thickness
	M10-AD		10mm
	M20-AD		20mm
m20ad soundproofing properties graph
graph data airborn

frequency	50	63	80	100	125	150	200	250	315	400	500	630	800	1000	1250	1500	2000	2500	3150	4000	5000	
reduction	x	x	x	43.9	36.8	33.4	43.4	43.8	48.2	52.7	54.7	57.1	59.3	58.2	60.3	64.2	65.2	67.0	65.9	x	x

M20AD installation instructions