sa25ff acoustic mat

Sandwich Laminate Sound Barriers

SA25FF/B/6 and SA25FF/L/6


Soundproofing Acoustic barrier sandwich
These composites are specifically designed to reduce noise pollution from enclosed areas where a high degree of soundproofing is required combined with great resistance to wear and tear. The polyurethane skin is a tough, oil and water resistant coating protecting the insulation which is able to give effective sound absorption wherever internal engines or hydraulic power packs are used without the problem of liquid or dust contamination.

Soundproofing Applications

Marine engine compartments, hydraulic power pack enclosures, compressor housings, plant machinery and many more. The insulation is simply glued into position on the inside walls using any suitable contact adhesive. However, if the product is to inverted, due to the heavy weight of the insulation, it is recommended the product should also be secured with additional mechanical fixings.

General Description

A sandwich construction comprising both a 6mm and 25mm thickness of specially formulated sound absorbing foam each side of either a lead or mineral loaded polymeric sound barrier. The thicker layer of foam is protected by a thin, very tough polyurethane skin. Because the lead barrier is more flexible and does not have a memory, this product is particularly suitable for application onto curved surfaces.

Sandwich Laminate Barrier Mat

General Physical Data

Skin				Black
Foam				Grey
Supply Form			Available in sheet form
Sheet Size 			nom. 1200 x 900mm
Nominal Thickness		32mm +/- 1mm
	Foam			27-30kg/m
	Barrier			5kg/m
Film Face			Polyurethane
FMVSS 302			Self-Extinguishing
BS4735				Self-Extinguishing

Sound Absorption Performance

sa25 acoustic performance

Noise reduction applications

Key Soundproofing Benefits