SAPT220 Sound Barrier Mat

Spaced Layer Sound Barrier Mats


sapt220 soundproof acoustic barrier

Spaced Layer Sound Barrier Mats employ self-extinguishing components and are primarily intended for the improvement of the sound insulation of sheet metal that resonates above 350Hz. These barrier mats are particularly useful for soundproofing and insulating pipes, ducts, vehicle bulkheads, hoppers and machinery enclosures.

soundproofing performance tiles

General Description

These soundproofing barrier mats resemble the monolayer barrier mats except that the reinforced backing is replaced with a layer of sound absorbing acoustic foam. Although usually available with a scratch resistant coating, the product can also be supplied without it.

General Physical Data

	Heavy Septum				Black
	Foam Spacing Layer			Grey
Supply Form					Available in sheet form
Sheet Size					nom. 3000 x 1250mm
Nominal Thickness				14mm +/- 1mm
Piece Density					5kg/mē +/- 10%
Tensile Strength				100 kn/mē
Temperature Range				-15oC to +60oC
	FMVSS 302				Self-Extinguishing

Sound Absorption Performance

Improvement in sound insulation of steel sheet after application of SAPT120

sapt220 noise reduction performance
A = 1.2mm Steel + SAPT120 (14.5kg/mē			Mean SRI: 36dB
B = 1.2mm Steel (9.3kg/mē				Mean SRI: 28dB

Noise reduction applications

Key Soundproofing Benefits