Unsupported Monolayer Sound Barrier Mats

SBM5 Sound Barrier Mat


SBM5 Monolayer Sound Barrier Mat has excellent sound insulating qualities. SBM5 can be used as a sole sound barrier layer, or as part of a multilayer composite with other materials such as sound absorbing foam and carpet.

Normally fixed to original panels of metal, wood and plastics etc. this mat is particularly effective at improving the sound insulation value of lightweight structures. Particularly useful for overlaying timber floors to seal joints and other gaps.

Two to three layers can be used on hard floors which will dramatically reduce noise nuisance penetrating the joints of existing flooring.

It is particularly effective as a decoupling layer between plasterboard on ceilings and studwork partitions and will often give up to a 100% improvement in noise reduction including those annoying low frequencies.

sbm5 sound barrier mat

General Description

The Barrier Mat consists of a high density mineral loaded thermoplastic polymer plasticised with phthalate esters.

General Physical Data

Colour				Dark Grey or black
Supply Form			Available in sheet form
Sheet Size			nom. 1800 x 1200mm
Nominal Thickness		2mm +/- 0.6mm
Piece Density			5kg/mē +/- 10%
Service Temperatures		<90oC for extended periods
            (Securely fixed)	<120oC for short periods
	FMVSS 302		Zero burn rate
Shelf Life			Indefinitely in cool, dark storage conditions
sbm5 barrier mat performance data

Sound Barrier Performance

sbm5 alternate fitting performance data
A = 6mm plywood + SBM5			8.3kg/mē Mean Sound Reduction Index 25dB
B = 6mm plywood				3.4kg/mē Mean Sound Reduction Index 18dB

Noise reduction applications

Key Soundproofing Benefits