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2-Disk Xwindow embedded Linux

A very efficient Linux/xwindows distribution, implementing a net centric operating environment and user friendly GUI:

latest version soundproofing default src November 24th 2008

Embedded Overview

The distribution is intended to be a demonstration of Mungkie assiciates embedded appliance development environment, showing the sort of environment that can be created for small appliance GUI systems using less than 4Mb flash and 4Mb RAM.

The embedded development environment is based around a standard source tree containing all the required utilities for a standard POSIX unix implementation with a number of XML based GUI configuration and compilation tools. Simple GUI utilities are used to configure required components and set compilation options.

The distribution is targeted as a base for:


Mungkiedyne systems have long been involved in the electronics industry working as contractors and developers of high end embedded systems. But due to many industry shake ups with partners such as macaroni and defence re-shuffles at DERA we have been forced to look toward other revenue markets. Thus Mungkie associates were formed as a subsidiary of Mungkiedyne in June of 2001 in order to exploit other market sectors.

Embedded devices such as PDA/telecoms/EPOS/entertainment/media devices are a major growth area and our development expertise is well placed to reduce costs in hardware production and development. In order to maintain these advantages we needed to find software systems that also compare and complement this production/development efficiency by minimizing system requirements and thus reduce costs.

Embedded Features

The system is formed from a basic set of GNU/open source code optimized for size and speed. The use of linux gives developers access to thousands of applications and utilities to customise the system at zero cost.

2diskxwin also includes a number of proprietary tools created by Mungkie specifically for the embedded X window system desktop.


The floppy system requires a minimum 386SX with 8Mb memory, VESA compliant graphics bios, a floppy disk drive, a supported network adapter.

Support & Feedback

We welcome Feedback on bugs and features but...
No support will be given unless you have a registered version.
No waranty is given, no liability accepted, use at your own risk!


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