Wallsorption Acoustic Soundproofing Panels for Walls

wallsorption fitted

WALLSORPTION panels are high specification acoustic panels designed to extensively transform open plan offices, conference suites, studios and interview rooms into workable environments.  They are the decorative solution to your sound control requirements and are durable, fire resistant, visually pleasing and offer excellent acoustic performance.

WALLSORPTION panels are finished in high quality acoustic fabrics available in 40 standard colours. See attached colour chart. If required, display posters are easily pinned to the panels.

wallsorbtion acoustic installation
wallsorbtion side sound insulation

General Physical Data

Dimensions - Wallsorption           : 2700 x 1200 x 25mm
Dimensions - Fixing Trims           : 2700mm length in White
Weight - Wallsorption               : nom. 3kg/mē
Weight - Fixing Trims               : nom. 1kg/length
Finish                              : Durable Woven Fabric
Fire Rating
Acoustic Glass Fibre Core           : Class 'O' BS476
Woven Fabric                        : Class 1 BS476 Part 7
UPVC Fixing Trims                   : BS476 Part 7
(The trims have a maximum softening limit of 60oC)
Acoustic Performance                : See Graph Below

Noise reduction coefficient 0.92 (i.e. 92%)
wallsorbtion acoustic performance graph
Frequency (Hz) Temperature 24'C Relative Humidity : 46%

Key Soundproofing Benefits


Wallsorption Installation of Acoustic Panels for Walls