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2-Disk Xwindow embedded Linux Development Environment

A very efficient Linux/xwindows distribution, implementing a net centric operating environment and user friendly GUI:

latest version soundproofing April 1st 2010


The current release includes a full virtual machine build system for the single floppy X window distribution.

Updates as follows: This is the development image for running in vmware or qemu.
We have in the past had a lot of interest that seems to have died when people have problems installing and configuring a suitable development environment. To make life as simple as possible for developers this image has been developed. It contains only the minimum required to compile a single floppy X system. To access the system and edit/add software on the system access \\mungdev\ via smb: and login as mungkie with password as the password. The code is stored in the directory /home/mungkie, and it is probably best to login as mungkie to do general development.


  1. make sure you have vmware installed.
  2. run the mungdev.vmx file (not the 1disk.vmx file that is for your compiled system)
  3. at login prompt type root
  4. type ./create
  5. WAIT while the system compiles(on a modern system should take 5mins), at completion you will be dropped into the X system as setup on the floppy, test to make sure things work.
  6. once you have the system as you want exit the X and run
  7. exit vmware.
  8. run the 1diskx.vmx in vmware to make a final test.

Support & Feedback

We welcome Feedback on bugs and features but...
No support will be given unless you have a registered version.
No waranty is given, no liability accepted, use at your own risk!


Download the initial dev image release February 22nd 2009

You may download from this site or one of our mirrors:

Download the latest soundproofing release