Building regulations relating to soundproofing and noise

Regulatory Impact Assessment Soundproofing: Signed 16 November 2002


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Amendment of Part B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations: Recognition of Harmonised European System of Fire Testing

Annex A - Benefits of the Construction Products Directive

Annex B - Costs for Fire Testing and Re-Engineering Construction Products

Annex C -Business Litmus Test

Annex D - European Member States

Section 3: Amendment of Part E of the Building Regulations (Resistance to the Passage of Sound); New Approved Document E

Appendix A: Summary of main changes made in response to comments received on draft proposals.

Appendix B: Significant changes associated with Requirement E1 Protection against sound from adjoining dwellings or buildings etc.

Appendix C: The typical cost of the changes for small developments and the overall impact of the changes on the social housing sector

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