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Introduction to the soundproofing and noise site

    All information below here is old and needs updating, Please read with caution

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This site is designed to simplify and help with solving problems with noise, vibration, acoustics, and soundproofing. We have provided a large amount of information and guidance for soundproofing and noise control in our guides section if you want to learn about soundproofing.

If you have a specific area to soundproof use our soundproofing system design tool to automatically create an order of required materials and an installation guide.

We hope that this site makes diy soundproofing as easy as possible for you to make orders get quotes and get the best price on materials but should you not find us the best value we would be pleased if you could let us know so we can find out why.


If you want to use the advanced functions of this web site we suggest to first read the soundproofing site instructions.
If you are just looking for information please select from the following information the following

Analysis of noise environment section

The analysis section can give you an out line of the typical costs involved if you give the surface areas required, but this is only to give a very rough idea of the costs as every situation is different and you will probably need further advice.

Soundproofing Prices

The soundproofing product prices listed are for guide only, they are generally the highest you are likley to pay as we offer quantity discounts and all prices are given only for the minimum order quantity. We would rather show our highest prices and give you a discount than get your hopes up then tell you that its going to cost you more as you have not ordered enough.

Online Soundproofing materials Ordering

In the soundproofing products section of the site you will find prices and order forms for the products the order forms look similar to the following image:

If you want to add some of the soundproofing products to your online order simply fill in the quantity and click the Add button.
Once you have finished your order click on the "Orders" link at the bottom of the left navigation panel and your order will be shown. You can then fill in your details and click "send order" button to e-mail your order to us.